Understanding Tile Ratings: Tile Basics with Ryan Powell

I hope this help you better understand all the numbers you see when looking at tile!

Understanding Tile Ratings


Rating Scale


Durability Rating MOHS (1-10) This is a scale of hardness ranging from 1 (talc) to 10 (diamond) used to determine a material’s scratch resistance. Porcelain tile often has a rating of 7, 8 or 9, while other, less scratch resistant non-porcelain tiles are rated at 5 or 6.
Water Resistance Rating PEI (1-5) This is the degree to which a tile’s surface will withstand the wear of foot traffic. PEI of 0 is wall use only, while PEI 4 is suitable for heavy traffic.
Water Absorption Rating Water absorption is conveyed as the percentage of water absorbed by the body of the tile. Porcelain tile is ideal for wet-area applications because it is “impervious” to water with a rating of 0.5% water absorption or less.
Slip Resistant Rating DCOF DCOF is the most reliable measure for indicating slip potential on a tile’s surface. Porcelain tile must have a DCOF of 0.42 for “level interior floors expected to be walked upon when wet,”  which is determined by Tile Council of North America.
Shade Variation Rating V1-V4 V1-Uniform Appearance: Minimal to no difference among pieces from the same production.

V2-Slight Variation: Distinguishable differences in texture and/or pattern within similar colors.

V3-Moderate Variation: Though the colors present in a single piece of ceramic tile may indicate the color patterns to be expected on other tiles, the amount of colors on each piece might vary significantly.

V4-Random or Dramatic Variation: Random color variation from tile to tile, so that one ceramic tile may have a totally different color from that on other tiles. Thus, the final installation will be unique.

Frost Resistant Rating Yes or No Frost resistance is defined as the ability of tile to withstand freeze/thaw conditions with minimal effect. The frost resistance of tile is dependent on the tile’s porosity and water absorption levels.

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